Factors for choosing the right gutters for your home include style, type of material, seamed or seamless. Weather extremes in your area will also be a determining factor in gutter selection. Aluminum gutters are available pre-painted, seamless and resist rust. Aluminum gutters are reasonably durable but can be damaged by tree limbs and large hail. Galvanized guttering resists rust but will eventually succumb to it over several years of exposure. Most galvanized gutters are seamed and can eventually leak if not sealed properly. Vinyl is another option but you should be cautioned about its durability in sub freezing conditions, in this case aluminum or galvanized is a wiser choice. For the ultimate in style, copper gutters are costly but add a touch of elegance to a home. In closing, you may want to add gutter screens, guards or consider installing a gutter system that incorporates a cover/guard that keeps out leaves and debris reducing cleaning and maintenance.
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