When adding landscape lighting to your home a common mistake is not to evaluate the entire system and foreseeing problems that may occur. (1) You must plan for the longevity and proper function of the lighting. Minimal areas of failure in combination with I-Lighting's unique waterproof plug will keep your landscape lighting worry free. (2) Operating costs should be taken into consideration, LED vs. incandescent or halogen bulbs, their costs and hours of life. (3) Consistency of voltage throughout the entire system will maintain an even distribution of lighting while avoiding a voltage reduction.(4) Bulb replacement costs - LED's can typically last up to 100,000 hours while halogen and incandescent bulbs last up to 5,000 hours. (5) Don't overlook a transformer that will allow additional lights to be added to the system at a later date. The lower costs and wattage requirements of a DC LED lighting system allow the addition of fixtures, lower operating costs while achieving the ultimate in outdoor landscape lighting. For more information please contact I-Lighting at 888-305-4232
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