Craftsman/Mountain Style House Plans 1,729 s.f. - 2,587 s.f.

Garrell Associates, Inc. now offers 5 plans derived from our "award winning" "Tranquility" house plan ranging from 1,729 s.f. to 2,587 s.f. These rustic/ craftsman, mountain style house plans feature ample outdoor living spaces including covered porches and/or open decks, natural light, open timber trusses and vaulted ceilings. You may view details about these home plans on Garrell Associates website. The plan names, square footage and plan numbers are as follows: The Mill Spring Cottage, 1,729 s.f., Plan # 11115, The Westbrooks Cottage, 1,873 s.f., Plan # 11116, The Westbrooks II Cottage, 2090 s.f., Plan # 11117, The Harmony Mountain Cottage, 2,343 s.f., Plan # 06110, The Lakeview Cottage, 2,587 s.f., Plan # 05357.
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