Energy Efficient Timeless Designs that say " This is home"

Build a beautiful and energy efficient Garrell Associates,Inc. design and begin by being rewarded with years of enjoyment with your family and friends while keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket. Beginning in 2011 all new homes must have an energy certification, a blower door test and a duct leakage test to receive a certificate of occupancy, C.O. Beginning in 2012 all newly constructed homes must conform to Energy Star 3.0. To address this new code requirement, starting in 2012 Garrell Associates, Inc. will offer a REMRATE projected audit on any of our designs as an add service. This function establishes a numerical goal on a scale between 100 and o for energy use. We will provide as a service, for homes built in the Atlanta area, a home energy audit during construction for the purpose of providing a HERS Index number, Tax credit, and Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), certificate. Home owners and builders of new homes may qualify for federal and state tax credits, on products and services, Energy Efficient Mortgages, and rebates for utility provider programs and products. In addition home owners may save between 40% and 60% on energy bills over over that of a standard conventionally built home. Please call or send us an email with any specific questions regarding Home energy audits or for a quote for services. Also see RESNET, Energy Star. State and federal government tax information and your local energy provider websites for details.
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