Exciting News from Huber Engineered Woods

Huber Engineered Woods LLC, leading manufacturer of innovative building solutions is announcing that ZIP System® roof and wall sheathing has extended its industry leading warranty to a 30-year system warranty and 180-day panel guarantee. ZIP System structural roof and wall panels provide an innovative solution that eliminates the need for house wrap or felt by using the specially designed ZIP System ™ tape to seal the seams, making the system easier and quicker to install than traditional materials. The new ZIP System warranty allows for: • 30-year coverage of air and water penetration properties • 30-year coverage of panel structure • 180-day exposure during construction cycle
“Huber Engineered Woods is known for manufacturing high quality building products backed by industry leading warranties that give the builder and homeowner the peace of mind they need,” said Charlie Robinson, general manager of ZIP System. “After continued extensive research of our ZIP System roof and wall panels and ZIP System tape we are proud to offer a solution that is guaranteed to stand the test of time no matter the conditions during or after construction.”
ZIP System ® Roof Sheathing
ZIP System ® roof panels have a built-in moisture barrier and eliminate the need for felt paper and H-clips. A code-recognized structural panel and underlayment all-in-one, ZIP System roof panels prevent expensive rework due to torn felt, and shingles or tiles can be applied directly to the panels. Since ZIP System panels are faster to install than traditional methods and provide an instant 180-day rough dry-in, builders can schedule subcontractors sooner, ultimately completing the house in less time.
ZIP System ® Wall Sheathing
The ZIP System ® wall sheathing with a built-in water-resistive barrier is a structural wall panel, moisture barrier and air barrier all-in-one, providing a tight building envelope and superior moisture resistance during and after the construction. The Department of Energy recognizes that air barriers help prevent air leakage in homes, which can account for 3-% or more of a home’s heating and cooling costs. The ZIP System ® tape gun is used to install both the roof and wall products with the ZIP System tape, which provides moisture resistance for seams, valleys, and ridges, can help reduce air leaks as recommended by the Seal and Insulate with the ENERGY STAR ® effort, and is code recognized as window and door flashing tape when used with the ZIP System wall sheathing. (ESR-2227)
All of Huber’s mills are certified by the SFT, promoting sustainable forestry practices through procurement programs and research initiatives, as well as logger and landowner outreach. In addition, each Huber plant employs state-of-the-art environmental control equipment and maintains strict control standards to ensure that the manufacturing of Huber products has a minimal impact on the environment. These factors helped Huber Engineered Woods earn the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Research Center Green Approved mark in 2009, which verifies that the ZIP System roof and wall sheathing are eligible to contribute points toward the certification of a building under the NAHB National Green Building Standard.
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