New floor covering is one major way to upgrade your home. Choosing new floor covering can be a challenge. Carpet comes in so many styles, colors & grades further complicating the process. To simplify the search choose a trusted carpet retailer to discuss and understand carpet ratings, wear patterns, soil resistance and don't forget pad quality. With this information understood it will allow you to make the correct selection that will meet you expectations and budget. Laminate flooring is an option to natural hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is manufactured with multiple layers of synthetics to replicate the look of wood flooring while at the same time providing durability and a cost effective option to natural wood flooring. Natural hardwood continues to be extremely popular. Generally this type of flooring is manufactured from oak, pine or maple, other types of wood are also available, check with your supplier for other options. Widths and stain types are widely varied. Hardwood floors are more expensive than laminate flooring but will provide many years of longevity and beauty in addition to being a wise investment for your home. Ceramic tile is the one type of flooring that is the most durable resisting moisture, wear patterns and sun fading, tile is a great choice for the long run. Styles, patterns and colors of tile are bountiful. In conclusion there are other types of flooring available, this blog highlighted some of the more popular types. You will choose the flooring that will best compliment your home and accommodate your needs while aligning with your budget. https://www.garrellassociates.com
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