Hardwood flooring adds beauty and value to any home and can last a lifetime or more. Species, colors, and widths of hardwood floors are more bountiful than ever. Hardwood floors are available in solid wood, laminated and engineered woods. Thickness varies from around 5/16 " to 3/4 ", widths begin from 2 1/4 " and up and are available either pre-finished or unfinished. Solid hardwood flooring is usually nailed in place while many laminates feature a tongue and groove that locks the flooring together without nailing. Due to the thickness of solid hardwood it can be refinished multiple times if necessary. Engineered flooring consisst of multiple plies glued together with a wood veneer bonded to the top of the plies. It is also available finished and unfinished. Engineered floors are less effected by humidity , generally install in a day and are finished with durable wear resistant finishes. Take your time if you are not familiar with the different types of flooring, ask questions and determine which type of flooring best suits your lifestyle and budget.
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