The choices we have when it comes to decorating our homes for the first time or re-decorating are limitless. Your first step should be to make the area functional for its intended use, while providing comfort. You personality should be reflected by your design and decorating style. Start by determining who will be using the room and what is it's intended use. Sketching your basic layout, including the placement of furnishings will save you time and reduce costly mistakes. For example, if you are decorating a social room, i.e. living room, keeping room, etc. furnish it with comfortable seating that will accomodate at least 6 people. If the area is rather large you may want to have additional sections of seating. Don't overlook unique items that can be obtained from antiques shops and estate sales, etc. that will give your home a look of its own. Creating beauty throughout the rooms of your home requires much thought and discipline and should reflect your personality through your decorating choices.
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