Installing a home security system is a good start for protecting your home. This blog will provide suggestions to maximize security and protection for your family, home and possessions. Begin by taking a visual tour of your home inside and out to determine areas that may be inviting to a burglar. Remember they will seek the most convenient point of entry. Evaluate the landscaping surrounding your home, shrubbery should be trimmed away from windows and doors so it will not provide cover for would be intruders. Always keep doors secure and consider a double cylinder dead bolt for doors that are constructed with glass. The glass can easily be broken allowing easy access to reach inside and manually unlock the door. For this type of door consider installing a double cylinder dead bolt which requires a key to lock or unlock the door from inside of the home. Exterior lighting is a vital deterrent for burglars, examples include pole security lighting, motion sensor floods and lighting equipped with photo cells that turn on lighting at dusk and turn it off at dawn automatically. It has been reported by past burglars that they will travel through neighborhoods and prey on those who choose to use no window coverings leaving their home open to view the interior contents at night and later returning to burglarize a specific home. Closing blinds and/or curtains at dusk is advisable to resist this while also securing your privacy. Secure valuables in a safe bolted to a slab if possible, remember a thief is very likely to move quickly to the master bedroom seeking valuables. Locating them in other areas of the home may prove to be beneficial. Consider placing a hold on mail and use timers to control lighting during extended stays away from home. Photograph important valuables including antiques, collectibles and family heirlooms. Don't overlook your garage, photograph tools, equipment, etc. At a time of loss, it can be quite difficult to recall simply by memory all possessions that have been stolen. An inventory of belongings and photographs will prove invaluable when filing a claim. Secure computer information, passwords, photographs,etc. in a safe deposit box or at another location other that your primary residence for safe keeping. Keep garage doors closed and secured when away. An open garage provides cover for burglars shielding them from view. In conclusion be sure to review insurance policies to verify that you have adequate coverage to cover your contents. https://www.garrellassociates.com
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