This blog is intended to differentiate between the common types of house paints and the descriptions of each. Paint is a protective film applied to a surface.The prevention of mildew, UV damage and hardness of the paint is accomplished with paint additives. The most common types of house paints are latex and alkyd enamel. Latex paint is made from a water base allowing easy clean up with soap and water. Alkyd paints also known as "oil based paint" uses mineral spirits as it's base and the solvent for cleaning paint tools such as brushes, rollers, etc. Paint is comprised of paint binders that bond the paint pigments together. As the thinners of paints evaporate, the coat of paint dried and left on the surface are the binders and pigments. Higher quality paints will include more binders and pigments, lower quality paint contains less binders and pigments. Latex paint is a common interior and exterior house paint. Alkyd enamel paint is commonly used for interior trim and areas that require added durability. Keep in mind when re-coating a surface, alkyd (oil) based paint can be applied directly over a surface of clean latex paint while oil base paint should be sanded and primed if being top-coated with latex paint to ensure adhesion. Another factor in choosing a paint is determining the type of exposure your house is subjected to including sun and moisture. Homes near salt water will require the maximum protection a paint can provide from the elements. A semi-gloss or full gloss paint should always be used for areas of high moisture. No matter what type of paint you should choose a high quality paint will yield better coverage, durability, reduce labor costs as well as protecting and enhancing your largest investment - your home.
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