Huber Engineered Woods

  We at Garrell Associates, Inc. endorse the fine products from Huber Engineered Woods who produce superior building systems for roofs, walls and floors.  We are confident that our award winning house plans built with these products will withstand the test of time and harsh weather conditions.  A team of commercial and new home construction specialists put together high quality performance building products that we feel turn our house plans into top quality homes.  
AdvanTech offers the highest quality oriented strand board (OSB) for new home construction.  Its moisture resistant quality prevents cupping, warping and delaminating under extreme weather condition.  AdvanTech floors, walls and roofs used in new home construction will help make homes built of our house plans timeless.
  Another impressive new home construction product offered by Huber Engineered Woods is their ZIP System Roof and Wall Sheathing for new home construction.   We are proud of our award winning house plans when constructed with such high quality building products. In Huber´s own words: ZIP System roof sheathing and wall sheathing offer structural panels with built-in protective overlays that eliminate the need for housewrap or felt forever. Simply install the panels, tape the seams with the specially designed ZIP System tape and you´re done. You can install siding and roof covering directly on top of ZIP System roof and wall sheathing, but until you do, you´ll differentiate your jobs with the high-quality curb appeal of ZIP System roof and wall sheathing.
Garrell Associates feels confident that our house plans built with Huber Engineered Woods products will endure harsh weather conditions and withstand the test of time.  This is new home construction at its finest. Starting with a great house plan and using top quality building products for new home construction will truly create the home of your dreams!  
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