Installing crown molding can be a daunting challenge for the beginner. Various types of literature and videos will be of great assistance prior to this project if you are unsure of the process and have unanswered questions. Please note that this blog highlights some of the basic steps of installation, if you have additional questions seek a knowledgeable individual or additional information on the process.
Before beginning the steps of cutting and installing crown molding be sure your saw is square and will cut true 45 degree angles.
This blog is intended to highlight some of the key steps for installing crown molding and to allow you to better understand the process. First, when measuring the area where the crown is to be installed measure from one end of a wall to a center part of the wall, mark you measurement at an even number on the tape measure, then measure from the other end of the wall to the mark you just made and add the measurements together at the intersection. This will allow for a more accurate measurement overall especially if you are working alone. To limit the waste of molding cut sample pieces that represent inside and outside corners so you can check for proper fit prior to cutting your final pieces. The wider detail of the molding will be installed to the top (ceiling)
Label the fence of your saw with masking tape designating the top and the bottom of the molding. The bottom plate of the saw or the table should be marked “ceiling” and the back of the saw, the “fence” should be marked “wall”.  On outside corners, the longest part of the molding will be to the top of the molding. On an inside corner, the longest part of the molding after your cut will be the bottom of the molding. Be sure that you always cut the molding UPSIDE DOWN in your saw and the saw is set at a 45 degree angle. Finally nail the molding to the studs and the top plate, locating them with the assistance of a stud finder. If you prefer an additional method of installation you may want to review videos on the process of coping crown molding as this is another option for joining the inside and outside corners of the molding.
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