Kitchen Trends of 2011

Listed below are a few trends we are seeing for the kitchen in the upcoming year.
Kitchens are increasingly becoming known as the new family room. No longer is the kitchen only a room for cooking daily meals. Islands or bar areas are becoming more popular for families with children as they can do their homework and prepare for the next days lessons. It’s also a place for friends and family to congregate over a cup of coffee or light snack. Casual dining areas or breakfast rooms are also being used more than a formal dining room. It’s the perfect place to gather everyone together!
We’ve all heard the term “Go Green”, whether it be in recycling, carrying our own bags to the grocery store, or trying to carpool with others to work. Well, that trend is making its way to the kitchen this upcoming year. We are seeing an abundant amount of natural materials being used in the kitchen, such as bamboo or cork for the cabinets and flooring. Also try using energy efficient appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. We’ve even seen people using a special tap for the faucet to conserve water. Lastly, the use of LED lighting will just enhance the satisfaction you’ll get for “going green” in the kitchen.
Another trend becoming popular is the “Simple is Better” trend. Minimalism not only helps keep the cost down, but also creates sleek lines making your kitchen more elegant and contemporary. Stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and stone flooring are just a few ideas for that perfect minimalist kitchen. Glass table tops and counters with built-in lighting can also add that small amount of WOW to this simple, but elegant kitchen trend.
Be sure to look out for these trends and many more in this upcoming year of 2011!!
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