LEED Certified Home - Stage 2 - "Picking the Perfect Site and Builder"

Please see below the continued blog from our clients constructing the LEED Certified Home.
She writes -
Site selection was key. We walked around and around the hundred acres, looking for the perfect place. At night, we would drive to the farm and sit outside - listening, looking, feeling....feeling not just the breeze, but feeling for the place that would be peaceful and feel like home.
BREAKING GROUND - I am so lucky to be married to my husband. Just before the "official" groundbreaking, he surprised me with a brand new shovel with a golden blade. (He painted the blade with some gold spray paint). Our private ground breaking ceremony was my most memorable ever.
Darrell Oliver with Bluegrass Construction has been building for 30 years. He is a friend and built the house we are in now. With regard to our new house he said, "I've never seen a set of plans drawn so close to true."
I figured I needed to spend some more time at the site. We decided  not to wait until Scott from Walden Log Home returned to build up the 2nd floor, considering both construction and schedule. Hoped Darrell had called him to let him know what to expect, but it was clear that it was a bit of a surprise that they would have to build the log exterior around the wall rather than having the wall build behind the standing logs. Darrell and his guys work from 5:30 AM until 12:30 or 1:00 pm. Good thing, with the head index cracking 100 most days.
Watching Scott, Ben, and Bob, the newest addition to the Walden team, was fascinating. For the first time I just sat on my new front porch and watched for two whole hours. There on the north side, under the huge maple tree, for the first time I felt like I was home. I climbed the ladder with Darrell to go upstairs for the view. The view from the south-facing bedroom has to be one of the prettiest in the county - possibly the state.
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