In November 2011 The House Of Flags in Columbus, North Carolina was visited by an individual whom was carrying an old identified flag. As he unfolded the 5'x 9' flag, he stated that he had acquired it at a barn auction in the state of Virginia several years ago. Perplexed but the flag's identity, a flag expert was contacted at the Flag Institute and The North American Vexillogical Association. Vexillology is the term for the scholarly study of flags. It was determined that the flag was called "The Red Feather" flag It originated in Virginia during the community war chest campaigns (1943 - 1946) of World War II found in Virginia. The flag was a representation of participation in charitable efforts. They encouraged donations from throughout the United States of America supporting the war effort. It is thought that the "Red Feather" flag was more than likely used in various communities during WWII. It is assumed that the 12 stars represent the participating communities. The House of Flags Museum represents the history of the United States told by flags. The museum displays over 300 United States, Military, state, and international flags including all 27 official U.S. flags from 1776 - 1960. The House of Flags Museum is located in Columbus, North Carolina.
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