Anually on the Labor Day weekend "The North Carolina Apple Festival" in Hendersonville, North Carolina celebrates the heritage of of apple growing which started in Henderson County, North Carolina during the mid 1700's. The North Carolina Apple Festival celebrated its 66th year in 2012. The apple crop yields an average yearly income for Henderson County of approximately 22 million dollars. Henderson County has around 200 apple growers. North Carolina ranks # 7 nationwide in apple production and 65 % of all North Carolina apples are grown in Henderson County. The Apple Festival is comprised of a parade, arts and crafts booths, free entertainment, food and of course apples available for purchase from a quantity of 1 to a bag full or cases. Apples are served in many fashions including pies, apple cider, apple butter to mention only a few. A family friendly festival that rates as one of the best in Western North Carolina rich in tradition and history. (Some) varieties of North Carolina apples are as follows:
GALA - sweet flavor, great snack apple
FUJI - Newer variety, very sweet, great snack apple, also used in desserts
PINK LADY - crisp, sweet and tart flavor
STAYMAN - juicy with a tart wine like flavor
GOLDRUSH - firm texture with a spicy flavor
MUTSU - juicy, sweet, full flavor
HONEYCRISP - balanced flavor, juicy and crisp
GINGERGOLD - similar to a golden delicious, mild sweet flavor
ROME BEAUTY - Exceptional baking apple
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