Speaking from experience, an unorganized garage creates stress, aggravation and loss of time from searching for items that are not easily found.  To aid in increasing the clutter, the garage is a receiving area that accumulates everything that is not wanted in the home. Organizing your garage will allow you to easily find what you are seeking in a timely manner and possibly open room to once again park your car in the garage out of the elements. Begin the process of un-clutter by removing the contents. Take careful measurements for adding shelving, cabinets, etc. You may want to sketch the floor plan of your garage with dimensions to determine the space for your car(s) and components for storage. Be sure to allow ample room for entering and exiting your vehicles. Organize your garage in categories such as lawn tools, car items, household items, etc.  Several companies offer a wide array of components to aid in storage and organization. You may prefer building your own shelving and/or cabinets, don’t overlook mounting pegboard on the walls for hanging often used tools, etc. After the hard work of re-organizing your garage you will be rewarded by no longer tripping over clutter and easily locate what you are looking for without wasting time and energy.
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