OZARK'S NATURAL PANELING - Basic Installation Tips for Plank Paneling Ensures Longevity

Tongue and groove technology has really made a difference in the ease of installing wood paneling planks throughout your home. In the past, real hardwood paneling planks could be difficult to do on your own, or at least a bit intimidating to the novice. Now, you can transform an entire room or renovate your man cave over the course of a weekend.
However, as easy as it is, you do need to do your homework. The most common problem people run into when they do their own natural wood paneling installation is that they do NOT leave enough expansion space. If you skimp on the expansion space around the edges, you run the risk of bulking. That would undoubtedly ruin the entire outcome. You have to leave 3/8" to 1/2" of space to accommodate any movement. You can simply cover this space with moulding trim around the edges afterwards.
To be sure you are doing it right, take the time to view the installation tips video at http://www.ozarknaturalpaneling.com/category/video-installation-tips/
If you still feel unsure about installation of the quality solid wood planks fro Ozark's Natural Paneling, ask us and we will be sure to help you every step of the way. https://www.garrellassociates.com
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