For the hobbyist or car enthusiast many variables should be taken into consideration prior to construction of an attached or detached garage. A sketch of the overall dimensions of the garage will allow for careful planning on your part. How many vehicles you intend to store should be determined and the point of entry should be evaluated for style and whether a 16' or 18' wide door or multiple 8', 9' or 10' doors are used. In some instances a large single door will aid in the ease of moving vehicles due to no middle support obstruction that multiple doors present. A single 16' or 18' door does not shoe horn you into the garage and it allows storage to be shifted if necessary due to the openness of entry. Another important factor especially with a detached garage is to consider its primary function, will it be used primarily for storage or for the auto hobbyist, etc. Sketching the locations of workbenches, cabinets, car lifts or other equipment such as a bead blast cabinet, parts washer, chest type tool boxes, water coolers, sinks, toilet, shower, etc. will maximize space for vehicle storage while also keeping the area organized. Ceiling height should be carefully considered if a lift will be used in the garage. Another option to the lift is to design a work pit to be incorporated into the garage slab prior to pouring the concrete. Determining proper lighting, electrical outlets and their locations to support specialized equipment all need to be carefully evaluated. Finally, the addition of plumbing to support a sink and/or shower should not be overlooked.The above mentioned are typical areas that can be overlooked by many hobbyists but can be easily avoided with careful planning, making your dream garage a reality.
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