Nothing can put a damper on a vacation more than experiencing a mechanical failure during your  destiny.  This blog will highlight tips for preparing your vehicle in order to avoid unexpected problems. The single most important part of vehicle maintenance is performing regular scheduled oil changes. Clean oil is the LIFE of your vehicle. Skimping on oil changes only advances engine wear and will eventually lead to premature engine failure and costly expenses. Before heading out to your destination allow adequate time in the days prior to your departure to inspect your vehicle. Check all fluids including oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, differential oil, antifreeze/coolant, and windshield fluid reservoir. It is also money well spent to replace radiator hoses and heater hoses when they are aged as they tend to deteriorate from the inside out.  A much overlooked area is tire pressure. Check the tire air pressures with a tire pressure gauge, always follow the tire manufacturer's suggested pressure as stated on the tires sidewalls. Don't overlook the spare tire, it often loses air pressure during extended storage. Perform a brake inspection and if your battery has some age, have it checked by a local garage or auto parts store. Polishing your car or truck followed by a coat of wax will protect your vehicle's paint  from the sun and other harsh elements. Always include a tool bag with at least the basic tools. Also include a fire extinguisher, jumper cables and any other items that may be helpful if you should experience any issues during your travels. Remember,  preventative maintenance will greatly reduce your chances of a mechanical failure. Happy Motoring !!
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