Republican Headquarters - Polk County, NC

Please see below blog from a member of the Polk County Republican Party.
In the late 1980's, the Polk County, North Carolina Republican Party was fortunate to have a building donated to our members by the late Sarah Ernst Darnell. Our party is very grateful that we are one of only four Republican Party's across the state of North Carolina to own our own building. Sadly, in December 2009 we experienced a heavy snow storm with ice accumulation. Due to lack of drainage, the roof of our headquarters was under a weight load that was not sustainable causing a collapse and the destruction of our building.
The search for a new design was then underway. The building committee chose Garrell Associates, Inc., an Atlanta based design firm, to help us create a new home for our organization.
A metal frame building dimensioned 40 x 60 will be decorated with a rustic contemporary exterior. The interior spaces will house a foyer, meeting room, two offices, kitchen, and a storage area. To date, demolition of the old building, purchase of the metal frame package, the design of the structure and discussions on siting the building has been accomplished.
The members of Polk County Republican Party looks forward to the construction process and their new headquarters.
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