Resource Spotlight - Southeast Solar

Looking for energy saving solutions and environmentally friendly new home construction has become of the utmost importance in recent years.  We at Garrell Associates, Inc. fully support and look for ways to make our award winning house plans fit those needs.  We endorse companies that offer new home construction a way of being green.  One of the greatest savings for both your bank account and the environment is solar water heating.  South East Solar Co. is one of our affiliates that offer a money saving solution as well as turning our house plans into a green home design.  An efficient home design that can that can be your dream home as well as save you money is our goal.
  For those that have not researched solar energy for their new home design, South East Solar defines solar in quite simple terms. Solar energy is the cleanest and most inexhaustible of all known energy sources. Solar radiation is the heat, light and other radiation that is emitted from the sun. Solar radiation contains huge amounts of energy and is responsible for almost all the natural processes on earth. The suns energy, although plentiful, has been hard to directly harness until recently.  They further explain the impact that house plans using solar water heating can have on the environment.
Using solar and other forms of renewable energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels for energy production, thus directly reducing CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions contribute to global warming, an environmental issue which is now of great concern. The average household can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 20% by installing an Apricus solar collector.
  Any of our house plans may incorporate solar in the home design.  Your new dream home can actually save you money from the moment you move into the earth friendly house plan of your dreams.
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