Select paint chips after you have made all decorating choices including rugs, curtains, carpet and any other materials that you want to be complimented by your paint color. If possible you take samples to the merchant where you will purchase the paint. A satin, matte or flat finish will reflect less light and a semi- gloss will reflect more light. It is recommended to look at paint samples in natural daylight and in artificial lighting including incandescent and/or fluorescent lighting as lighting will have an effect on color. Prior to purchasing the paint measure your room including the wall height, this will give you an idea of how much paint you will need. Paint coverage will be listed on each can of paint. Keep in mind that most paint suppliers offer a small container of your choice of paint that may be purchased to test on your walls prior to purchasing larger quantities.  This will allow you to see the true color in your home as it may differ from how it looked in the store. Always be sure to allow the paint to dry completely before determining if the color meets your expectations. In most cases door and window trim is usually painted gloss white or off white.  To ensure good coverage and uniformity purchase a high quality paint and remember that wall preparation will reflect the quality of the overall project.
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