Choosing the right storage shed should start with determining the style, size, intended purpose and your budget. Ascertain what items you will need to store and organize the interior to maximize storage space while allowing easy access to items. In a small storage area things can easily be missplaced causing lost time and frustration searching for a specific item.  Adding shelving and wall hooks, pegboards, etc. will help to eliminate this. Keep floor space open for large and heavy items like lawn mowers and other lawn equipment. Prior to purchasing a shed, determine the area it will be placed and what size will accomodate your needs. Will you need a walk through door or a roll up door for access? If you will be storing a riding mower or other power equipment consider intalling an overhead door and a ramp leading into the shed. A concrete pad is the best overall choice for a foundation because of it's resistance to water, insects and sheer durability and strength. There are many choices of storage sheds  including vinyl, metal and wood. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
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