In today's depressed economy we are all looking for ways to stretch our dollars. This blog will include several ways to save $$$ around your home. Tips for the summer months, 1) Keep your air conditioner filter clean - change monthly under normal use. 2) Adjust your thermostat while on vacation to reduce the amount your A/C will cycle. 3) Turn off lights, ceiling fans, T.V.'s etc. when you exit a room for any period of time. 4) Window coverings when closed will block the sun, reducing heat build up in a room, lowering A/C costs. Other cost reducers: 1) Attic insulation should be upgraded to R-49 if your home is over 10 years of age. 2) Use clothes washer detergents formulated for cold water. Heating water for washers can be the 2nd leading energy user when it comes to water heaters usuage. 3) Clothes dryers should be cleaned regularly to remover lint. Keep in mind that lint build-up in dryers is a leading cause of many house fires. It is important to clean the filter after every use.
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