Be familiar with your camera first of all and understand it's limitations. Start with a wide angle lense and set the camera to 1600 x 1200 pixels. Higher resolution photos will allow you to manipulate/ enlarge their size and reduce pixelation. Before photographing exteriors, make sure your lawn is free of clutter including objects in the back yard that may be partially in view from the front yard. Move vehicles from the driveway or from the yard as they can obstruct the view of the house. Plan around weather conditions and the postion of the sun. Sun behind the house can cause the front of the house to photograph dark. Indoor photos should be taken with a flash, position yourself to photograph the maximum area of a room by photographing through a doorway or from the corner of the room. Also consider staging rooms with accents, treatments, etc. for the perfect photo. Finally, be sure to take several photos and select the best of the group, take the subject from several angles and always use a tripod to reduce unfocused photos due to hand movement.
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