Tis the Season - Decorating your home for the holidays

The most exciting time of the year is upon us!! We all know what this means - long lines at our favorite stores, booking our holiday flights to see our families, and yes - decorating our homes! Hopefully we've all survived Black Friday and are now ready to add those special touches to our homes that make the holidays so wonderful. Listed below are a few thoughts on decorating this year.
Color is IN this year! While the traditional red and green are still loved by many, more and more people are choosing a colorful pallet for Christmas. Choosing a color theme for your tree is a big trend this year. A color themed classic look could be a tree filled with white lights, white sparkly ornaments, and an angelic topper. For a more funky look you could choose hot pink candy canes, silver snowflakes, and for the top - a colorful star. Obviously the traditional look for the tree is a winner every time, but don't be afraid to mix it up.
The smell of Christmas is EVERYWHERE! Has there ever been a particular smell that you associate with Christmas? Maybe cinnamon stick or Balsam? What about those gingerbread cookies baking in the kitchen? It's incredible how our sense of smell is connected to our memory. How one tiny fragrance can transport us to a particular time or place? Filling your home with holiday fragrances is a must! You could place balsam scented tea lights along your fireplace mantle, spray peppermint room spray before you expect company or burn cinnamon oil while you and your guests dine for Christmas dinner. Whatever you favorite is, be sure to use them this holiday season!
One of the highlights to this seasons decorating is definitely watching the cars slow down in front of your house to marvel at your creation. While adding lights to the exterior can make the most impact, it can also make the most hassle for you. Many people are opting for LED lights this year. Not only do they save you money with your energy bill, they don’t get as hot as incandescent lights making them cooler to the touch and much safer. Another exterior decorating idea is adding yard ornaments. An inflatable snowman or lit up reindeer could do the trick and really enhance your display.
No matter what color scheme you use, what fragrance you choose, or how you decorate your home - choose what’s right for you and your family and always remember to have fun! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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