Replacing cabinet hardware is a quick way to update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Quite often you can match the existing mounting pattern with the new hardware. Take samples of you old cabinet door and drawer hardware to your local hardware store or a home center to make a comparison of the hole patterns. If your existing hardware has left a pattern or indention's on the doors and/or drawers an option to cover those areas are hardware backing plates. Antique/vintage cabinet hardware can be a beautiful upgrade to your existing cabinetry. Depending on the condition, it can be restored with metal polishes or rouges and if necessary to remove paint and residue soak the hardware. Complete this process by washing the hardware with a mild detergent and a nylon bristle brush ( a toothbrush works well) and if desired follow with a coat of wax to seal and reduce tarnishing. https://www.garrellassociates.com
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