VERSATEX - How to install a one piece column wrap

How to install a one piece column wrap. Install furring strips to the structural column at the top, middle and bottom making sure the outside dimension of the furring strips are no larger than the inside dimensions of the column wrap. Apply VERSATEX Fill n' Fasten Slow Cure or laminating grade adhesive to the inside of the two (2) bend line joints.
Once the column wrap joints have cured, set the wrap around the structural post and apply adhesive to the other two joints pushing the friction fit joint together. If necessary hold together with pin nails or Velcro strap.
Remove the joint tape no more than 12 hours after bonding the last joint. Leaving the tape on the column wrap and exposed to the UV rays of the sun will make it difficult to remove and could leave adhesive residue on the face of the wrap.
Secure the wrap to the furring strips with nails or screws
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