VERSATEX - PVC Stealth Bead Board

VERSATEX finds new ways to hide nails in new PVC Stealth Bead Board. Half-inch wide nailing surface tucks fasteners deeper inside for a smooth look and quick installation times - even for the novice.
VERSATEX introduces the new low-maintenance PVC Stealth Bead Board with an extended nailing flange to allow for a true hidden fastening system for porch ceilings and high, hard to reach soffit areas.
The new plank is a tongue and groove design with a kicker. Instead of having to nail through a typical small tongue as in traditional beaded T&G products, the installer now has a wider 1/2" surface to nail through. This provides a bigger target for nailing guns of all sorts which speeds up installation and reduces the chance of nailing too close to the edge and cracking or splitting the bead. It also lessens the chance of breaking of the tongue when blind nailing.
VERSATEX is setting the pace for reaching beyond low maintenance to real-world installation innovations. "Lots of cellular PVC manufacturers are content to match wood configurations in plastic, says John Pace, VERSATEX President. VERSATEX goes one step further - back to the drawing board to engineer a smarter, faster, better looking solution."
Stealth Bead Board comes in 1/2" x 6" in 18' lengths and is the latest in our continuing line of beaded T&G profiles which also include our 4" and 6" traditional T&G planks as well as our 4' x 8' beaded sheet.
VERSATEX is manufactured by Wolfpac Technologies in Pittsburgh, PA. The company operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which produces cellular PVC extrusion products - such as VERSATEX trimboards, sheet, mouldings, and prefabricated corners.
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