Following the launch of our Stealth Fascia and Stealth Frieze earlier in the year, we have now completed the Soffit System with production of the first ever vented soffit offered in cellular PVC. These 1/2 " thick boards come with a code exceeding 10 " of free airspace per lineal foot, instantly making it one of the top airflow systems in the market today. These boards, also sold in a solid, are available in full 12" and 16" actual widths at premium 18' lengths, thus providing more coverage and fewer seams to improve aesthetics and speed of installation. Coupling these vented and solid soffit pieces with our Stealth Fascia and Stealth Frieze, both notched with a 9/16" pocket to accept these products, makes building a complete cellular PVC Soffit System easier than ever before.
The vented and solid soffit pieces are available for immediate shipment. Both are in small, easy to ship inventory units containing 48 pieces of 12" and 36 pieces of 16". Additionally, several marketing materials have been created to support the launch of this exciting system: premium vented soffit pieces, a Soffit sell sheet & invoice stuffer, plus a counter literature holder. These are all now available through our Marketing Department. It is our goal to provide maximum exposure to these products through both on-line and print advertising in the coming months.
If you are a builder or know a builder who wants to be one of the first to try this exciting new vented soffit system, please contact us through Customer Service at 724-857-1111. We would love to talk to you, get photos of the installation and offer you a discount on your first job.
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