VERSATEX - Stealth Products

VERSATEX Stealth PVC Trim saves soffit installers time and effort. Plowed Stealth Fascia and Stealth Frieze boards accept VERSATEX soffit panels, plus most other standard vinyl, aluminum and fiber cement products.
VERSATEX continues to expand its innovative Stealth trim line with the addition of the new Stealth Fascia and Stealth Frieze boards. The labor savings in Stealth products comes not so much from what VERSATEX puts into the trim piece, but what it takes out. In this case, they dado or cut out a channel that will hold and hide the edges of most all makes and configurations of soffit products. Siding, soffit, and trim installers have either had to use standard PVC trim boards or high maintenance wood, and perform the cutting of channels at the job site. That process took a lot of extra time and it was easy to ruin a plank with the saw. These two new Stealth products - one for fascia, and one for frieze or rake - come with a channel perfectly plowed right where installers need it. The new Stealth Frieze trim also has the same 3/4" x 3/4" pocket as other Stealth profiles for hiding the top edge of all types of siding.
"Product innovations come from our frequent trips to the real world of our customers job sites," says Rick Kapres, VP of Sales and Marketing. "It's invaluable research - we watch, listen, and consider where a slight new twist can save contractors big time."
"We saw the opportunity to offer a unitized system that would make it easier for the contractor to install, while also providing greater aesthetic value and improved performance to the homeowner," says John Pace, President and Technical Spokesperson for VERSATEX trimborads.
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