Due to the overwhelming success we have had with VERSAWRAP, our innovative one-piece column wrap system, we have decided to expand the product offering to include an 8" wrap and accessory pieces designed to add beauty to any column or rail system.
The 8" x 8" x 10' VERSAWRAP comes with an inside dimension of 8 1/4" so it is designed to cover rough sawn wood posts used in many high-end communities. As with our other column wraps, a Base and/ or Cap is available for the 8" wrap.
Also now available are three types of moulding kits for each of the three VERSAWRAP sizes ( 4", 6" & new 8" ) These kits are all pre-cut to length, mitered, notched and sold in bags along with Hoffman Dovetail Connectors for easy assembly. Moulding kits available are as follows:
*** Bed Moulding Kit, available in a standard size to fit snug around the bottom of any size VERSAWRAP you are using , or available "XL" or extra long to fit around the Base and / or Cap if that is used in conjunction with the VERSAWRAP ( sold cut for 4" wraps, 6" wraps or 8" wraps)
*** Base Moulding Kit, used to sit on top of the Base and / or Cap ( sold cut for 4", 6", or 8" wraps)
*** Crown Moulding Kit, used to sit on top of the VERSAWRAP to add aesthetic beauty-( sold cut for 4", 6", or 8" wraps - all using standard 4" Crown)
All kits are sold to distribution individually bagged but in full boxes only ( 24 per box ). Consult your local distribution for individual kit orders.
Finally, due to the fact that many customers are using VERSAWRAP as part of a rail system on decks, we are now offering a beautiful ornate Belmont Cap. This decorative post cap is used for Newell Posts on deck rails and is sold, like our moulding kits, in boxes of 24.
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