Preparing your home for the winter months
This blog highlights many steps you can take to winterize your home. There may be other suggestions in addition to those within this blog. Use common sense to properly protect your home and vehicles.
Insulate your attic or add insulation as needed.
Disconnect your garden hose and drain. Cover your faucet with a faucet cover. Please note that a freeze proof faucet can rupture if the hose is connected. ALWAYS disconnect the hose in sub-freezing temperatures.
Close foundation vents.
Open blinds in sunny rooms to allow warmth from the sun.
Inspect all windows and doors for drafts and weather-strip accordingly to remedy the leak. Don't overlook attic accesses, fold down stairs,etc.
Keep furnace filters clean
Reverse the rotation of ceiling fans so rising heat will be forced down from the ceiling.
Insulate exposed pipes with pipe wrap
Keep gutters clean and flowing.
While traveling, keep blankets, water and snacks in your vehicle in case you become stranded due to inclement weather. Make sure your vehicle is properly winterized including an adequate solution of anti-freeze.
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