ZIP System Liner-Less Tape

Huber Engineered Woods announces  the new ZIP System Liner- Less Tape offered to further improve builders' experience, as well as installation speed with a superior alternative to traditional house wrap. The new ZIP System Liner-Less Tape offers easier handling, faster installation and less waste and cleanup. The new ZIP System Liner-Less Tape will be available in your area beginning March 1, 2011
You will be the first to have access to this enhanced ZIP System product!
We are now able to provide you with ZIP System tape without the peel-off paper backing. This tape comes in the same 90' length, same packaging and will provide the same level of performance as the previous "lined" version.
Easier, Faster Application
We continuously strive to enhance the installation experience of ZIP System products. By removing the liner, our tape is easier to handle and therefore faster to install.
New tape will work with existing tape guns
The liner-less tape will work with the existing ZIP System Tape guns. Because there is no liner to collect, you will simply bypass the collection spool on the tape gun. We do have a smaller, more simplified version of the tape gun in development and intend to launch around midyear.
Available soon
Tape ordered for delivery into Ga. on or after March 1st will be the new liner-less version. Full roll-out in other markets is planned for mid year. The new liner-less tape gun will be available as part of the rollout introduction.
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