House plan ordering questions

  1. Where can I go to see a particular house built? 

    Our plans are sold throughout the United States and Internationally. Due to privacy laws we are unable to disclose this information.

  2. Do you have any exterior or interior photos of your plans? 

    We update our website as interior and exterior photography becomes available.

  3. Can you give me a cost to build your house plans? 

    Because of ever changing material and labor costs in each state, it is hard to predict the cost to build a house. Please consult with your local custom home builder.

  4. What is your procedure for customizing your plans? 

    We can definitely customize the plan for you. We do not have a set fee for making customizations. We will look at everything that you want to change and give you a price based on that. You will need to mark up a copy of the brochure with the changes that you want to make and fax that to us along with a written list of all the changes. Our design/drafting department will review your changes and give you a time and a price estimate. You also have the option of purchasing the plan and having it customized by a local firm. You may purchase the CAD file of the plan at an additional cost. Please note that if you are under contract with Garrell Associates, to customize you plans all sketches, drawings, and files, etc. shall not be released to third parties unless full payment for contract is received.

  5. Will your plans be designed to meet my local codes? 

    Garrell Associates, does not offer engineering/structural drawings on its stock-plans. Please note that our house plans are designed to meet International Building Codes and are not designed for any specific area. Our plans are not engineered and do not include framing plans. Plans do include wall and cornice sections, general foundation sections and details.

  6. Will your plans be signed or stamped by an architect or engineer? 

    No, our plans will not be signed or stamped by an architect or engineer. Your plans will need to be engineered by your local licensed engineers.

  7. Do house plans come with a materials list? 

    No, we do not provide a materials list for any of our plans.

  8. Can I return the plans? 

    Because all of our plans are copyrighted, we cannot allow refunds. For further information please contact a Garrell Associates sales representative.

  9. What do I get for the price of the plan? 

    For the price that is on the website, you have the option to receive your plan in  PDF or CAD format.

  10. How many times may I build this house? 

    As a purchaser of a plan, you are licensed to build only one structure from the plans, regardless of the number of sets that were purchased. If you intend to build the plan more than once, contact our Sales Consultants at 1 (888) 814-1494 for more information.